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Integrate WebEx Web Conferencing with your Learning Management System

Does your company utilize a commercially available or internally developed Learning Management System (LMS)? If so, enhance user's on-line learning experiencing by integrating WebEx Web Conferencing today!

When it comes to learning, people will fall under three different learning styles; listening, watching, and experiencing. When you integrate your LMS with WebEx Training Center, all three learning styles benefit!

  • Schedule WebEx Web Conferencing sessions from your existing LMS as part of a course offering.
  • Develop an online test using the WebEx Training Center website and add it to a scheduled session.
  • Allow students to join live WebEx Web Conferencing sessions from within their existing LMS.
  • Allow instructors to record their lessons as they teach them and make the lessons available for review.
  • Following WebEx Web Conferencing learning sessions, the instructor can query the system for a report on who attended, how long they stayed, and to gain test results if applicable.

WebEx Learning Center integration fully enhances any LMS tool. Below are high level integration details to get you started. For more detailed technological direction,
see WebEx Web Conferencing XML API References
and WebEx Web Conferencing URL API References

Technical Integration

WebEx Web Conferencing offers two sets of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for partner integrations, the URL API and the XML API. The URL API is well suited for simple integrations such as single-sign on and basic session creation. However, due to the complex nature of most LMS integrations, Cisco recommends using the XML API to achieve the most functionality during integration.

Below are brief descriptions of techniques and API functions an LMS would call to handle User Management, Session Management, Student Registration, Test Result Retrieval, and Recorded Sessions.

  1. User Management
    • "CreateUser" API request is used to add a new WebEx Web Conferencing host account for an Instructor or Training Coordinator. Create a new user.
    • Edit an existing Instructor or Training Coordinator account by making a "SetUser" API request.
    • Enable Single Sign-on (SSO) between both systems. The LMS should store the WebExID and Password and ensure the WebExID is the same as the unique LMS username.
  2. Session Management
    • Schedule, review, and remove a WebEx Web Conferencing session by calling "CreateTrainingSession", "GetTrainingSession", and "DelTrainingSession" API requests.
    • Assign an Instructor to a WebEx Web Conferencing session by utilizing "SetTrainingSession" with where the hostWebExId is the Instructor's WebExID.
    • Start a WebEx Web Conferencing session by calling "GethosturlMetting" to retrieve the meeting URL. For more flexibility you can also generate your own host meeting link with the URL API. Then call the URL from a browser window to launch the Training Center session.
    • Retrieve the meeting invite URL by calling "GetjoinurlMeeting" and sending to all students via email. For more flexibility you can also generate your own attendee join link with the URL API. The URL must be called from a browser window to join the Training Center session.
  3. Student Registration
    • Use the WebEx Web Conferencing student registration feature to setup a new student and integrate your LMS with the WebEx Web Conferencing Attendee registration functionality.
    • Retrieve session attendance data by calling "LsttrainingattendeeHistory".
  4. Test Result Retrieval
    • Retrieve online test results administered from within the "Testing and Polling" panel during a session. This type of test info can be accessed from the LMS system by uploading results via *.csv files and parsing accordingly.
    • Retrieve online test results completed after the WebEx Web Conferencing session by utilizing API functions to return information about each test (GetTrainingSession, LstScheduledTests, or GetTestInformation).
  5. Recorded Sessions
    • Utilize the XML API functions to allow an LMS to query and return the URLs to playback these WebEx Web Conferencing session recordings.