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WebEx Meetings Application Related Terminology:

WebEx Meetings: The term "meeting" in WebEx Meetings terminology can refer to all types of online sessions including:

  • Meetings on Meeting Center sites
  • Training sessions on Training Center sites
  • Events on Event Center sites
  • Sales sessions on Sales Center sites
  • Support sessions on Support Center sites

WebEx Meetings Users: People who host and/or participate in WebEx Meetings

WebEx Meetings Services: such as creating a user, modifying information about a user, creating a meeting, exchanging files

WebEx Meeting Center: On-line meeting room with all necessary tools to conduct a meeting.

WebEx Meetings Host Account: A user who has been setup with access to create/schedule WebEx Meetings sessions

WebEx Meetings Site Administrator: A WebEx Meetings admin defines and manages specific processes and standards for the organization overall WebEx Meetings services. This user is responsible for customizing and configuring site settings and monitoring service usage. Site Administrators create WebEx Meetings host accounts and help elevate WebEx Meetings account related issues such as password resets.

Productivity Tools: An add-on convenience application allowing users to start, schedule, and join WebEx Meetings sessions from applications they may use daily via a one-click icon (ex. MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Instant Messaging service)

Quick Scheduler: Available via the one-click icon installed using the Productivity Tool add-on; this is a fast and easy way to schedule meetings without leaving applications you may use daily.

Advanced Scheduler: Accessed only from the host site, this is the WebEx Meetings scheduler with the most comprehensive meeting options to schedule a meeting.

Meeting Template: Regularly scheduled meetings can be saved into a Meeting Template for easy scheduling in the future.

WebEx Meetings Personal Conference Meeting: Allows hosts to establish a meeting via the phone and possibly join the on-line meeting later. This type of meeting requires the host account to setup a PCN account number specifying the Host and Attendee access codes.

WebEx Meetings Time Zone Planner: Allows the meeting host to visually see multiple time zones side-by-side ensuring meetings are held during regular business hours for all participants.

WebEx Meetings API Related Terminology:

WebEx Meeting Operations = used by developers to facilitate specific aspects of WebEx services via online meetings

WebEx Meetings XML Model = WebEx Meetings is based on a XML (eXtensible Markup Language) architecture.

Request Documents = outbound XML documents that originate from your application and are destined for a WebEx Meetings XML server

Response Documents = inbound XML documents that originate from a WebEx Meetings XML server and contain the current state of the service.

XML Schema Definition (XSD) = the only type of XML document supported in the two-way flow of XML between your application and the WebEx Meetings XML servers. Any information expressed in elements not declared in the XSD either is ignored by the WebEx Meetings XML servers or causes the requested operation to fail.