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Developer Platform Overview

Application partner companies can leverage the Integration Platform to integrate their enterprise applications and make them "WebEx-enabled", while system integrators can offer integration services to WebEx customers.

Similarly, regular WebEx end-customers' IT departments can use the Integration Platform to perform in-house integrations with their existing systems and enterprise applications.

There are three distinct APIs exposed by the Integration Platform that are available to WebEx developers:

  • URL API: The URL API is HTTP(S)-based and provides a convenient, lightweight mechanism to provide browser-based, external hooks into WebEx services.

  • XML API: The XML API is a comprehensive set of services supporting most aspects of WebEx services, including detailed user management, comprehensive scheduling features, attendee management and reporting, and more.

  • Teleconference Service Provider (TSP) API: An API that allows Teleconferencing Service Providers to integrate their audio conferencing service with WebEx. WebEx TSP Partners can offer WebEx to their customer base while retaining the audio conferencing business and the customer relationship. TSP API enables tight integration with WebEx, including active talker, mute/unmute, call in, callback, on-net callback, video switching, sub conferencing, invite by phone, etc.

Meeting Service Developer Platform

Download this guide to discover how to fully leverage the WebEx Developer Platform.


Meeting Service Developer Platform Overview

This paper provides a detailed overview of the Cisco WebEx Developer Program structure, membership levels, and benefits.