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What is WebEx Web Conferencing?

WebEx web conferencing is a powerful line of products that let you connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time. By combining video, audio and content sharing, WebEx solutions create an effective conferencing environment, leading to more productive meetings, improved collaboration and increased productivity.

More than 5 million people count on WebEx Conferencing to stay connected with what's important. See Case Studies.

Web conferencing lets you do almost anything you can do face-to-face. It enables companies to limit travel expenses by connecting colleagues from around the globe, or inject collaboration in day-to-day business workflow.

The WebEx web conferencing portfolio includes the following products:
  • WebEx Meeting Center - present information, share applications, and collaborate on projects
  • WebEx Event Center - stage large-scale online events.
  • WebEx Training Center - deliver highly interactive and effective online training and e-learning.
  • WebEx Remote Support - deliver efficient, personalized customer service and IT support.

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