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Welcome Letter from Susie Wee

We're happy to announce our new DevNet Women in Tech community. A place to make it easier to learn, code and build your projects on Cisco platforms today. Please join us on a journey to build a thriving community together.

What can a Women in Tech community do for you?

In this blog post I talk about my experiences in transitioning from being a sceptic of women in tech communities to someone who is leading one. I share my views on the three vital functions these communities provide as we navigate throughout the jungles of technical careers. I hope you enjoy the blog post and become an active member of DevNet Women in Tech!

DevNet Women in Tech Do’ers Workshop in Las Vegas

I’m excited to announce and invite you to attend our second DevNet Women-in-Tech (DevNet WiT) Do-er’s event. Join us in Vegas at Cisco Live! on July 10, 2016 in the DevNet Zone. For those who couldn’t join our first event, I wanted to share the recipe as it really seemed to work.

Learn to code in the Learning Labs

Interested in learning how to code, but not sure where to start? Check out Cisco DevNet Learning Labs for step-by-step guided tutorials. Learn what an API is, how to use it, and then write some code.

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DevNet Do’ers workshop Las Vegas - July 10 2016

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