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Cisco Zeus IT operational analytics as a service for performance monitoring, security monitoring and capacity planning.

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Zeus is an operational intelligence tool that addresses the pain of large scale operations data search, reporting, dashboard creation and analytics across all of your hardware infrastructure (network, storage, compute), VMs, cloud instances, containers, hypervisors, databases, web servers, applications and IOT devices or robot systems. It works for private on-premise deployments, as well as deployments on public clouds.

Zeus is offered as a SaaS, running on Cisco-operated clouds. You can access Zeus via a self-service web-based portal or programmatic API. Zeus gives you the ability to aggregate, discover, visualize and analyze logs and metrics in a single location without setting up or managing any infrastructure. Zeus today supports logs and metrics management via standard agents such as syslog, Fluentd, Collectd and over 100 other sources of data. Zeus lets you ingest data in many formats including CSV, XML and JSON.

For more overview information see What is Zeus and Zeus at a Glance.


Zeus provides features for data ingestion, data analysis, data management, and security and access control. See the Zeus Feature Matrix for a list of features.

Logs and performance metrics can be uploaded via open source tools such as td-agent and collectd or through the Zeus API. The API can also be used to download data. The API can be tested interactively at as described in Getting Started with the Zeus API Web Interface.

The API can be exercised programmatically through one of the Zeus clients:

We have developed a data generator that sends data to Cisco Zeus using the API. The data generator currently has over 90 different data generation options including: normal, poisson, cauchy, exponential, uniform, pareto, weibull, various text fields, and geo location.

On Github:

Additional documentation:

Use cases

Performance monitoring and troubleshooting:

Zeus can be used for troubleshooting applications performance issues across private and public clouds and answer questions such as:

  • Where are the bottlenecks in my infrastructure?
  • Why is my application slow?
  • Why is my application down?
  • How are various components of the infrastructure contributing to my application's response time?

Security monitoring:

Zeus can detect anomalous behavior related to security threats such as port scans.


Zeus can be used as a single platform for baselining and troubleshooting for both development and deployment, which helps development and operations to work as a team to resolve performance issues as soon as possible.


Because of the small footprint of open source agents and scalability of the Zeus hosted architecture, Zeus is ideal for capturing data from IOT devices.

Capacity planning:

Analyze logs and metrics to predict when resources need to be added to handle increased load on your infrastructure.


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