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SONiC, Meet Cisco 8000 Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) is a Linux-based open-source network operating system that runs on switches from multiple vendors and ASICs. Cisco now supports SONiC on fixed and modular Cisco 8000 Series routers.
Why SONiC on Cisco 8000? SONiC on Cisco 8000 provides a more robust, open ecosystem for your network. SONiC is built on Switch Abstraction Interface that helps in accelerating hardware innovation. Learn more about Cisco 8000 Series Routers
Experiment with SONiC on Cisco 8000 Routers Interact with Cisco 8000 Emulator and deploy SONiC usecases on a 3 Stage Clos Network, at real-time.
SONiC use-case-based Documentation via Learning Labs Learn and experience SONiC use-case-based Documentation via Interactive Learning Labs. Explore these use cases at real-time to deploy a 3-stage Clos topology. Setup a 3-Stage Clos Network Configure a 3 Stage Clos Network with Static VXLAN Configure a 3 Stage Clos Network with Port Channels Start Learning SONiC use-case-based Documentation via DevNet Sandbox Explore a 3-stage Clos topology and deploy a reliable network that is optimised for latency. Interact with SONiC on the Cisco 8000 router and as you hit the Play button in the Jupyter Notebook, configurations are applied on emulated Cisco 8000 routers in the DevNet Sandbox. You'll see real-time responses from the Emulator. What's more, you can add your own usecases and experiment with the setup. Try out SONiC in the Sandbox
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Release Notes SONiC offers a full-suite of network functionality, like BGP, LLDP, and SNMP to name a few. Explore what's new in the release and learn about the supported hardware and software. Software Downloads Download and manage new software, get updates or patches, or upgrade your current software to the latest release.
Install your device
Learn how to install Cisco 8000 routers SONiC is installed on fixed and modular chassis to address a broad range of network ecosystems. Supported Cisco 8000 variants are: Fixed-chassis: 8101-32FH-O, 8101-32H-O, 8102-64H-O, and 8201-32FH-O. Distributed chassis: 88-LC0-36FH-M-O, 88-LC0-36FH-O, 8800-RP-O, 8800-LC-48H-O, 88-LC0-36FH-O, 8808-FC0, 8808-FC. Hardware Installation Guide
Set up your environment Learn how to install, setup, and configure SONiC on the Cisco 8000 routers
Install SONiC The SONiC Network Operating System (NOS) requires a boot loader such as Open Network Install Environment (ONIE). Know more about installing SONiC. Software Installation Guide Setup SONiC Bring up the Cisco 8000 Series Router and set up SONiC on your router. Set up basic interface configuration and verify the state of your system. System Setup Guide Configure SONiC features Configure and experience SONiC's comprehensive suite of network functionalities such as BGP, ACL, and much more. Configuration Guide SONiC Use cases Deploy 3-stage Clos network and static VXLAN on Cisco 8000 Series routers running the SONiC operating system. Explore SONiC Network Scenario