Start here How to be a network Engineer in a programmable age Wondering what a data serialization format is? Need to know how serialization and deserialization works? Find out in this quick primer on data serialization formats! 4:07 Data formats What is data serialization format? Wondering what a data serialization format is? Need to know how serialization and deserialization works? Find out in this quick primer on data serialization formats! 3:37 What is XML? What is XML? Where is XML used? Watch this beginner-friendly video, complete with examples to find out! 6:39 learning lab XML for NSO – Beginner Ready to see XML in action? Learn about the basics of XML documents and how NSO uses this file format to manage configurations link-up Read _blank doc Webex XML API - Overview link-up Read!meeting-type-service-overview _blank sample code Postman collections for Webex Meetings XML API link-up Read _blank What is JSON? What is JSON? What does JSON do? Where is JSON used? How does JSON compare to XML? Watch this beginner-friendly video, complete with examples to find out! 3:47 learning lab Parsing JSON with Python Now that you know how JSON works, learn how to parse JSON text into native Python data link-up Read _blank learning lab Coding & APIs-Taking it Further link-up Read _blank What is YAML? What is YAML? Where is YAML used? What does YAML do? Watch this beginner-friendly video, complete with examples to find out! 3:31 learning lab Intro to Ansible If you work with Ansible (or want to learn how), you’ll be using YAML. Check out this intro to see YAML in action! link-up Read _blank Comparing XML JSON and YAML What’s the difference between XML, JSON, and YAML? Which data serialization format should you choose? Get a quick answer in this video. 1:20 APIs How do APIs work? What is an API? How does an API work? All this and more in this egg-citing, beginner-friendly explainer on APIs! 8:23 Learning Lab Coding & APIs Track If you want to jump in and get started with some hands-on learning modules for APIs, go here! link-up Learn /learning/tracks/Coding-APIs-v0/ _blank API's in the Wild Where can you see APIs in the real world? How do they map to other concepts, like CRUD, SNMP, or RPC? Find out in this quick explainer! 2:47 What are NETCONF and RESTCONF? What is NETCONF used for? What is RESTCONF used for? Are they important to network engineers? Find out in this quick primer on NETCONF and RESTCONF! 3:18 Learning Lab Explore IOS XE YANG data models with NETCONF Learn the ins and outs to working with NETCONF to access the YANG-modeled configuration and operational data on your network devices. link-up Learn _blank REST APIs What is a REST API? What is a REST API? What's the difference with a RESTful API? What does REST stand for? This video answers these questions and a bit more! 3:08 Learning Lab Introduction to REST APIs Ready for more REST APIs? Run through a Webex authentication exercise and learn how to use Postman to interact with REST APIs in this learning module! learning lab Learn _blank Learning Lab Overview of REST and APIs link-up Learn _blank How does a REST API work? Need to understand how a REST API works? Want a visual explanation of what a REST API does? You’ve come to the right place! Check out this quick, beginner-friendly explainer of how a REST API works. 4:43 Learning Lab REST API Fundamentals Want to tinker a bit more under the REST API hood? Go here for more hands-on exercises with REST APIs. link-up Learn _blank sample code Webex REST API Samples link-up Learn _blank Tools and programming languages Should I choose python? Wondering if Python is the right choice? Curious why Python might be the best choice for your learning path? Check out this quick primer to see if Python is the right programming language you should be learning! 2:28 Learning Lab Introduction to Python Confident in your choice to learn Python? Then head over to our Introduction to Python learning module! Here, you’ll learn about the Python programming language and standard data formats link-up Learn!introduction-to-python-introduction-to-python _blank Learning Lab ISE and Python link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab Python Advanced link-up Learn _blank sample code StartNow - Intro to Python Buildpacks link-up Learn _blank What are Python Libraries? Need to know what a Python library is? Want an explanation with an example? You’ve come to the right place! Check out this quick primer on what a Python library is. 6:11 doc Meraki Dashboard API Python Library Cisco has several Python libraries you can explore. Need one to interface with the Cisco Meraki cloud-managed platform? We got you! Check out the Meraki Dashboard API Python library link-up Learn / _blank doc IOS-XR Programmability with Python link-up Learn /!getting-started _blank learning lab Python REST API Application link-up Learn / _blank learning lab Introduction to the Meraki Python SDK link-up Learn / _blank sample code DNAC Path Trace link-up Learn _blank sample code Cisco Viptela vManage Python SDK/CLI/Ansible link-up Learn _blank What's a Virtual Environment? A virtual environment (or VE for short) can quickly become an essential part of your Python development process. See why and how in this super quick explainer. 2:32 Learning Lab Community Intro Python Lab In this full module, see how virtual environments come into play as you learn the essential Python building blocks link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab ISE and Python link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab Getting started with Threat Hunting link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab Generating Python Webex API code using Postman link-up Learn _blank Why Learn Ansible? If you’re wondering why you should learn Ansible or what it can be used for, check out this beginner-friendly explanation. 2:56 Learning Lab ISE and Ansible Ready to get started with Ansible? Head to this full learning modules where you’ll learn basic Ansible concepts, create Ansible tasks, and even your own Ansible playbooks. link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab Getting Hands On with Ansible link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab Ansible Introduction link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab YAML projects link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab Cisco DNAC and Ansible link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab Deploying Configuration with Ansible link-up Learn _blank sample code Ansible Configurations link-up Learn _blank sample code Ansible-mso link-up Learn _blank sample code Intersight-Ansible link-up Learn _blank sample code Ansible-tetration link-up Learn _blank sample code Ansible-meraki-demo link-up Learn _blank sample code Ansible Collection - cisco.meraki link-up Learn _blank Learning Lab Cisco Platforms APIs link-up Learn _blank sample code Service Assurance AppDynamics Application Onboarding Automation link-up Learn _blank sandbox Firepower Threat Defense REST API link-up Learn _blank sandbox Meraki Small Business link-up Learn _blank Infrastructure as Code What is Infrastructure as Code? You down with IaC? You should be! See what IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is all about in this quick primer. 2:19 Learning lab Introduction to ACI Programmability Learn about the programmability options with the Cisco ACI SDN solution and get hands-on with the ACI Toolkit, the simplest way to begin programming ACI. link-up Learn _blank sample code Cisco DNA Center with Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC) link-up Learn _blank sample code terraform cisco modules link-up Learn _blank sample code Merlin: Network Magic link-up Learn _blank learning lab Start Automating Cisco ACI with Terraform link-up Learn _blank Continue your learning journey Jump into beginner-friendly training across Cisco techonolgies Explore Learning Center /learning/ All tracks /learning/search/tracks/ Learning Tracks Network Programmability for Network Engineers Explore YANG data models and NETCONF to query and configure IOS XE network devices NSO Basics for Network Automation Learn what Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) can do for you based on your role Cisco XDR Explore XDR Automation, build some workflows, and see how workflows power multiple parts of Cisco XDR Modules All modules /learning/search/modules/ Networking Practical experiences to extend your coding knowledge with Meraki, IOS-XE, Catalyst Center, and SD-WAN Data Center Labs showing programmability opportunities for ACI, Nexus Dashboard, NX-OS, MSO, and Intersight Collaboration Learn how to integrate and build solutions with a variety of Webex features Learning Labs All labs /learning/search/labs/ NSO Simple Python Enhance your knowledge of NSO with some practical Python implementation Using Python to interact with the Cisco SD-WAN REST API Experience automation solutions for SD-WAN Container Scanning and KubeClarity Learn about container scanning with an open source solution Check out other Cisco DevNet offerings