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SD-WAN Developer Videos Learn how to use REST APIs, and create a simple Python application to update a device's template with Cisco SD-WAN APIs. No coding experience required. Network Programmability Basics Jumpstart your journey into network programmability with API and code samples to follow along in the videos. Firepower Developer Videos Learn how to use the Firepower Management Center (FMC) REST API for compliance use cases, CRUD operations, and configuring threat-centric policies. DevNet on TechWiseTV Join Robb Boyd with DevNet experts in covering the latest developer APIs at Cisco. NetDevOps Live! a weekly webinar series NetDevOps Live! is a weekly webinar series from DevNet where anything related to network automation, programmability, and NetDevOps is on the table for discussion. Cisco Umbrella video series Join Krishan Veer (Security Developer Advocate) and Christopher Van Der Made (Systems Engineer- Security) to discuss the Umbrella API model, which includes the Umbrella Enforcement and Investigate APIs.
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Coding Skills 101: How to call REST APIs from Python and jQuery This is a basic introduction to the concept of REST with practical examples of how to use a RESTful API through the Python and jQuery languages. Define Your Network Programmability Journey Learn the 3 myths about becoming a networking programmer. There's no right or wrong way to start learning network programmability. Introduction to Python Network Programming for Network Architects and Engineers This is Part 1 in a 3 part series that introduces the Python programming language and network programming concepts.
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Recent Updates and Events _blank DevNet Create 2019 See it, Learn it, Code it with Susie Wee and Amanda Whaley, Day 1 opening keynote. _blank DevNet Certifications Unleash the capabilities of the new network with DevNet Certifications announced at Cisco Live US 2019. _blank Smart City: Braga How Cisco, IBM and Transportes Urbanos de Braga (TUB) are teaming up to turn the historic city of Braga, Portugal into a Smart city. _blank DevNet at CodeMotion View the code of advanced chat and voice interactions, and then explore the challenges faced when building advanced bots. _blank