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Technical Overview

Not sure Application Visibility & Control is right for you and your organization? The technical overview describes the basics: how to use AVC, where it fits in the architecture, and some requirements.

Application Visibility and Control (AVC) is Cisco's strategic program to add application-level intelligence to a variety of network devices. AVC is already available in Cisco's enterprise routers (ISRG2, ISR 4000 series, ASR 1000, and CSR 1000v) and wireless LAN controllers. AVC recognizes and classifies more than 1,000 applications, and uses this classification to perform per-application monitoring of traditional Netflow statistics, of transactional Application Response Time metrics, and of Medianet metrics such as latency and jitter. The per-application metrics are exported via Flexible Netflow v9 and IPFIX for analysis, reporting, and visualization by partner network management systems. Control policies, such as Quality of Service (Qos) and Performance-based Routing (PfR), can be tuned and enhanced by matching on the individual applications or categories that AVC recognizes. All of this is accomplished without the need to deploy and manage separate hardware or software probes in each network location - it's integrated directly into the Cisco devices.

By supporting AVC, Solution Partner Program partners enable network users and service providers alike to maximize the performance, utilization, and business value of their network investments.

AVC Platforms


ASR 1000

Wireless LAN Controllers


AVC Component Technologies


Cisco NetFlow and IPFIX

Performance Agent

Medianet Flow Metadata technology and metrics such as latency and jitter.

Application-based Quality of Service (QoS)

App-based Performance-based Routing (PfR)

Cisco is actively seeking partnerships with third parties in Network Performance Management, Application Performance Management, and Application Aware Network Performance Management. Please contact Karthik Dakshinamoorthy for more information.

IVT testing template is available for partner product validation.

Cisco only publishes documentation for currently shipping code and does not publicly disclose roadmaps. For confidential information, including roadmaps and any information regarding software under development, please contact Karthik Dakshinamoorthy.

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