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Technical Overview of Cisco Prime Cable Provisioning

Technical Overview of Cisco Prime Cable Provisioning

Cisco Prime™ Cable Provisioning is a distributed, highly scalable, reliable solution for management of cable subscriber devices and automated flow-through provisioning of the subscriber services that run on those devices. A centralized platform allows cable service providers to control and configure network devices located at the customer premises, including DOCSIS® residential home gateways, cable modems, set-top boxes, and media termination adapters (MTAs). Cisco Prime Cable Provisioning automatically recognizes devices, assigns the appropriate class of service, dynamically creates and generates device configuration files, and activates subscribers - all at extremely fast speeds. This single device management platform supports multiple technologies including DOCSIS, PacketCable™, DPoE, OpenCable™ and satellite.

Cisco Prime Cable Provisioning automates the configuration and provisioning of subscriber devices based on the service provider's business policies. The solution allows cable service providers to implement either one or both of the following workflow models:
• Preprovisioning: Devices are assigned to subscribers and recorded in advance in the provisioning application. When subscribers plug them in, Cisco Prime Cable Provisioning automatically assigns the appropriate service level and activates them.
• Autoprovisioning: When subscribers self-register for a service, or when the service is installed by the technician, subscriber devices are captured and recorded in the provisioning application. Upon completion Cisco Prime Cable Provisioning configures the device and activates the service.

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