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Technical Overview of CVP

Not sure CVP is right for you and your organization? The technical overview describes the basics: how to use, where it fits in the architecture, and some requirements.

Customer Voice Portal provides the capability for customers and partners to create their own custom Plug-ins and Elements for use within the Unified Call Studio, VXML Server, and Call Services Universal Edition products. They appear and operate just like components built-into the software. This capability is useful for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • Creating Elements to automate more complex tasks, like interfacing to customer-specific back-end systems
  • Creating Say It Smart Plug-ins to manipulate and transform audio and text-to-speech from one format or language to another (e.g., Product IDs to proper product names)
  • Creating Elements for professional services use to accelerate projects or for resale to Customer Voice Portal users

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This guide includes installation and configuration instructions, plus developer success stories.

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Documentation Table of Contents

Java Doc for CVP 9.0(1) API
  • 8 Nov 2012:┬áThis document is the API Specification for CVP...
JavaDoc for CVP
  • 21 Aug 2008: This document is the API Specification for CVP...

Code All Code

Sample Configurable
  • 11 Jun 2008: Contains sample Java source code for a variety...
Leading Zeros Time Input Format
  • 11 Jun 2008:┬áThis sample Say It Smart plugin extends the...
Java Code
  • 11 Jun 2008: contains Java templates for all situations...


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