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Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (LMS) delivers powerful network lifecycle management by simplifying the configuration, administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco networks. This innovative solution offers end-to-end management for business critical technologies and services, such as, medianet, TrustSec, and EnergyWise. Cisco Prime LMS improves the overall user experience, providing new workflows that are built on functional partitioning and that align the product with the way network operators do their jobs. Once installed, prepackaged monitoring and troubleshooting dashboards provide actionable information to quickly isolate and fix network problems before they affect services. Configuring and deploying updates to the network has never been easier with the Template Center, which now incorporates Cisco Smart Business Architecture (SBA) templates that are based upon Cisco Validated Designs, simplifying platform and technology rollout and reducing the chance for errors. Work Centers provide a single area where guided workflows give step-by-step instructions to help operators quickly provision, monitor, and manage new Cisco value-added technologies and solutions, such as medianet, EnergyWise, TrustSec/Identity, Auto Smartports, and Smart Install. Cisco Prime LMS provides several different ways to integrate and leverage the data and capabilities provided including; programmatic interfaces, data export, northbound notifications, web-based integration and database access. Determine the level of integration required to meet your customer requirements and identify the appropriate steps needed to leverage the appropriate integration methods based upon the details documented on the Solution Partner Program links and pages below.


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