Telepresence: An Overview

Cisco TelePresence is ‘next-generation video conferencing’ experienced through immersive conference rooms especially designed via life size experiences, through to personal end points on the desk or on the PC.

Go to the Communications and Collaboration Overview page to remind yourself of the Telepresence product offering.

This group of APIs will help you extend and enhance your applications and combine Telepresence video codecs with other non-Cisco Audio Visual solutions to provide an optimum experience for conference participants. Integrators can also learn about the Cisco AV Integration Accreditation System.

Dive into the Telepresence group of APIs and integration systems below:

Telepresence AV Integrator APIs

If you’re an integrator or developer, this is the main place to go to find out about the latest consoles, codec APIs, camera modules: anything you need to help you integrate with Cisco Telepresence solutions.


TelePresence Exchange (CTX) System

Here you can use the Cisco Telepresence Exchange System (CTX) to create a service platform to offer Cisco Telepresence to your business customers. (Telephony Providers only).