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The Videoscape Voyager Vantage SDK provides you with everything you need to develop web services applications and themes for use in Cisco's Vantage UI for cable set-top boxes, leveraging standard web services APIs and TVDom and TVlib (Cisco's Javascript extensions for TV functionality).

Give your customers next-generation interactive features that they can access directly through a set-top box. The browser-based, on-screen interface of Cisco Videoscape Voyager Vantage helps you put the user firmly in charge.

Vantage uses the latest World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards to enable a high degree of service provider and user customization.

Utilize an advanced API set (TVDom and TVLib) for standard Javascript access to common television user interface functions (e.g. Get Guide Data, Get Program Information, Change Channel, Manager DVR List, etc…)



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