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Technical Overview of Cisco XDE

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XDE is a graphical scripting language for orchestrating complex, expertise-rich network management tasks. It consists of:

  1. 1. a runtime engine for embedding into existing systems e.g. an NMS or blade
  2. 2. the XDE SDK for creating orchestration procedures and device interaction packages

The XDE SDK is a plug-in for Eclipse that provides a complete development environment for building flowchart and device interaction packages. These packages can communicate with (potentially live) networks, automating tasks that are typically done interactively today. Features include:

  • A graphical flowchart editor for creating procedures
  • An expression language that is focused on string based and XML oriented data processing ideal for web service or device output
  • Seamless interaction with other systems though web services plug and play integration
  • Users can easily extend the XDE editor with any combination of existing or newly written Java libraries
  • Extension points that can be employed for adding and overriding new functionality in a supportable way

How do I install XDE?

Learn what is required get started with the XDE SDK.

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