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See what our customers are saying Innovate Faster true Derive new insights and respond. Standardize on toolchains of choice. As any network engineer knows, performance issues are among the hardest things to troubleshoot. The issue may be anywhere in the network or even outside of it and it's often very difficult to pinpoint it with conventional monitoring tools (SNMP). Full visibility in the network is a key value to detect, isolate and fix the issue before the users report it.

With the App Hosting capability, we will now be able of installing probes across the entire network allowing us to generate real data traffic and detect any loss of performances.

Moreover, the Docker oriented solution allows us to leverage our current and future investments (on Catalyst 9300) without adding extra costs in physical probes. We also skip the painful management and configuration tasks of those probes through the very easy-to-use DNA Center interface.
- Frank Weiler, Network & Telco Manager @ City of Luxembourg See more success stories testimonials/ _self
Rich Ecosystem of Apps Choose from the best of class apps or build it yourself. With the growth of SaaS and cloud initiatives, the WAN has become a critical element of application end-user experience. Enterprises need to detect and troubleshoot application performance issues before users complain, especially when users simply cope without alerting IT, let alone the network team, which creates a huge drag on productivity. The situation is even more difficult when SD-WAN is used to supplement expensive MPLS links.

Using app hosting on the Catalyst 9K switches, enterprises can proactively test and quickly troubleshoot performance using Ixia’s Hawkeye endpoints. Hawkeye agents can be deployed in lightweight containers to remote sites, enabling continuous and proactive testing of the end-to-end network, while leveraging investment in Catalyst 9K switches. Using DNA Center further simplifies Hawkeye deployment and operation so customers benefit more quickly than ever
- Bill Queen, Director of Strategy & Business Development @ Ixia, a Keysight Business See more success stories testimonials/ _self
Scalable Development Manage Apps using intuitive workflow of Cisco DNA Center. Application Hosting capability on Catalyst 9300 along with Cisco DNA Centre makes it possible to deploy any application with its intuitive user interface and eliminates the need to install apps on Catalyst 9300 series using CLIs, making it simple yet powerful. - Mike Coffey, Principal Network Architect @ ARM Processors See more success stories testimonials/ _self
Application Hosting caters to all
IT Manager Choose from a range of best of breed apps from DevNet’s Solution Partner Program. Whether it is Network Monitoring, Security or IOT, we have options for you. You can bring your own app. Developer Create, deploy and run applications using docker containers. You no longer have to recreate the apps. You can now deploy the apps that you have built. Operation Engineer Scale your business needs. You can now deploy applications to multiple switches at the same time using Cisco DNA Center and reduce the time taken for deployment.
Learn how to deploy your app at the edge
Learning Labs Learn how to setup the Catalyst 9K switch to enable the application hosting framework and then deploy a Docker application. Sandbox Play with features in our Application Hosting Sandbox, a free 24/7 hosted development lab for integrating and working with code. Developer Guides Learn how to host docker applications on Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches.
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