Meraki Captive Portal API for onboarding WiFi guests The Meraki Captive Portal API enables you to customize the Meraki splash page with your brand plus customize the click-through and sign-on authentication workflows.

Introduction to Captive Portal API

The Captive Portal API extends the power of the built-in Meraki splash page functionality by providing complete control of the content and authentication process. This document explains the process for configuring a Meraki network to support a custom hosted splash page. It also explains the HTTP redirect logic for on-boarding a client.

There are two primary methods for working with the Captive Portal API: Click-through and Sign-on. This document explains the benefits of each method and their unique HTTP redirect processes.


This method gives the following benefits:

  • Simple
  • Branding
  • Terms of Service
  • Less Secure


This method gives the following benefits:

  • Advanced
  • Authentication
  • Accounting
  • More Secure