Getting Started

  1. Start by reading the CTI product description CTI Product Description, which provides details about what CTI Integration option product offerings.

  2. Next, review the information about the Solution Partner which contains information on how to become engaged as an application developer or partner on CTI Server Protocol.

  3. Then download the latest CTI Server Protocol Reference.

Note that all customers and partners wishing to deploy custom CTI integrations using CTI Server Protocol are required to have a valid Solution Partner Program Membership.

UCCE Design Guides

A good starting point if you are new to Contact Center is the UCCE Design Guides.


Recommended training includes the following courses. These courses are introductory and provide a general understanding of system architecture and application development requirements. Though not focused entirely on UCCE application development using CTI Server Protocol, these courses provide details that are important to developing for and supporting a UCCE system.

Cisco ICM Product Training Part 1
Cisco ICM Product Training Part 2
Cisco IP Contact Center Enterprise

There are currently 3 proctored exams to validate skills and knowledge in UCCE implementation, development and support. These exams do not currently apply to any Cisco Career Certification.

642-241 UCCED: Unified Contact Center Enterprise Design
642-242 UCCEI: Unified Contact Center Enterprise Implementation
642-243 UCCES: Unified Call Center Enterprise Support