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Network Visibility Module (NVM)
Wouldn’t it be nice to give your customers visibility into user and endpoint behavior? You can when you support Network Visibility Flow. It's what powers the new Cisco AnyConnect Network Visibility Module.

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Enhance the data you provide to customers

Cisco AnyConnect NVM collects standard flows from endpoints (e.g., laptops) along with additional context information.
Because AnyConnect NVM use standards-based Netflow (IPFIX) technology you can leverage this rich data in your collector platform.

nvzFlow Protocol Background

Cisco AnyConnect 4.2MR1 added support for the new Network Visibility Module (NVM). Cisco AnyConnect NVM leverages the Network Visibility Flow, or nvzFlow (pronounced: en-vizzy-flow) protocol to capture user and endpoint behavior both on and off premise. nvzFlow collect standard flows from endpoints along with a small set of high-value data related to each flow originating from the endpoint in a lightweight manner in standard IPFIX records. This empowers standard-based flow collection solutions to leverage this rich data to create visibility into user and endpoint behavior and as well as long term tending and analytics.

What do we mean by "Enhanced Context"?

The 5 key visibility categories conveyed by the protocol or "Enhanced Context" are:

  • User
  • Device
  • Application
  • Location
  • Destination