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UC Gateway Services (GSAPI)

Through a single web-based API, gain access to voice
signaling and media of both the Cisco
TDM Gateway and Cisco Unified Border
Element (CUBE) to develop a single
application that works with both platforms.

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Not sure Cisco UC Gateway Services API is right for you and your organization? The technical overview describes the basics.

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Need help! VXML Script doesn't work on VoiceGW

Created by: Endre Boncz

Dear Support Team!   I need some help with a VXML Script by one of our customer. We use such scripts by other customers too, they are working fine. Only this one will not work.   I have attached the script file (tvm_allDW.vxml), the music...

Created: Oct 03 2016

Last modified: Oct 03 2016

Replies: 0

Tags: gateway, vxml

Developer guide for XMF (Exended Media Forking)

Created by: exjun

Hello.   I have a customer who would like to do duplicated recording of a srtp call and I was told that it is possible to do so, using XMF feature.   I checked the developer guide posted here, but no information about XMF.   So, I am...

Created: May 14 2015

Last modified: May 26 2015

Replies: 4

Tags: ucgatewayservices

NotifyXccConnectionData and ResponseXccConnectionAuthorize?

Created by: jboga

Hello,   I'm developing using Cisco's UC Gateway Services.   I managed to have a working SOAP Server without a problem. Right now I've tested the SolicitXccProbing/ResponseXccProbing and doing a RequestXccConnectionRelease.   However,...

Created: Nov 19 2014

Last modified: Mar 10 2015

Replies: 2

Tags: gsapi

Detect start of new call for media forking

Created by: eric.butcher

Is there a way (native to the API and its built-in providers) to detect the beginning of a new incoming SIP call on a CUBE and send that information to a registered application so that the application can automatically request media forking?  Or do...

Created: May 14 2014

Last modified: May 19 2014

Replies: 1

Tags: gsapi, media_monitoring

How to get the WSDL file for Cisco UC Gateway services API.

Created by: Raghavendra Rao

How to get the WSDL for UC gateway API ? ( for developing UGSAPI application)   Any help on this is appreciated.   Thanks Raghu.

Created: Mar 13 2014

Last modified: May 08 2014

Replies: 4

Tags: uc, services, gateway