UDS "Hello World"

This article demonstrates how to get a list of the Cisco Unified CM servers
that have UDS service running within the Cisco Unified CM cluster.

How To Explore the UDS APIs

This article demonstrates how to explore the UDS API using a browser plugin.

How To Properly Configure HTTP Sessions

This article provides code snippets for common HTTP libraries which can be
used to properly handle HTTP sessions

How To Prepare for Load Balancing

This article demonstrates how to use the system-level resources to load
balance requests.

How To Develop an AJAX APP Using a Proxy

This article demonstrates how to develop an AJAX app using a proxy server
and provides sample code to use 3 UDS APIs via HTML and JavaScript.

How To Enable and Gather Logs

If you are opening a developer support case, you may need to collect the logs
that cover the problem scenario. The logs will help with troubleshooting.



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