Cisco User Data Services (UDS)

UDS is a REST based API that allows end useres to insert, retrieve, update, and remove their own user data from Cisco Unified CM.

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UDS Cannot access XML response with IE11

Created by: ruimartins1000

Hi, I have a HTML5 with Javascript where I query CUCM UDS API to collect users. In JS I use XMLHttpRequest and I collect the answer with responseXML. It works with Firefox, but not with IE11. On IE the responseXML returns the XML but on some fields...

Created: Dec 21 2016

Last modified: Dec 22 2016

Replies: 1

Tags: uds, xmlhttprequest, ie11

cucm REST API, change ForwardALL setting

Created by: gabriele.lietti

Hi, let say that I am not a developer expert. I am trying to change Callforward settings of a user. I am using FF Poster to test. The URL is https://{host}:8443/cucm-uds/user/{userId} If I do a GET it succesfully retrieves the user xml...

Created: Nov 24 2016

Last modified: Nov 29 2016

Replies: 2

Tags: 0

Certificates in UDS

Created by: PHUONG VO

Hi Developers, I am developing a java application that get contacts’ information from UDS using Unmarshaller. My application needs a tomcat certificate in cucm server. It works well if the certificate is a self-signed cert; however, when I use CA...

Created: Nov 12 2016

Last modified: Nov 15 2016

Replies: 3

Tags: 0

UDS in a multi-tenanted CUCM (HCS) environment

Created by: yandi

Hi Has anyone done any work around a partitioned (multi-tenanted) UDS deployment where multiple customers share the same partitioned (for example; HCS G3 dial plan) CUCM? This would be to ensure that if you had two customers on a shared,...

Created: Nov 10 2015

Last modified: Sep 16 2016

Replies: 7

Tags: 0

Questions about UDS API

Created by: Torben Rohde

Hello, I'm working as a consultant on a project where we use the UDS API. I'm working with C# .NET and visual studio. I have downloaded the xml schemas found here:...

Created: May 01 2014

Last modified: Jun 02 2016

Replies: 15

Tags: 0