What is UDS?

The User Data Services (UDS) API is a REST-based set of operations that provide authenticated access to user resources and entities such as user's devices, subscribed services, speed dials, and much more from the Unified Communication configuration database.

UDS is a new publicly available interface in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.0.

UDS is designed for web applications which can run on any device. Not only is it easy to learn and use, it is also optimized for multiple device management, meaning it is easy to apply
settings across all devices/extensions consistently.

You can use UDS APIs in your applications to create a directory search or manage user preferences and settings. By creating a collaboration widgets you could allow users to enable and disable features like Call Forward All and Do Not Disturb.

Actions to be accomplished using UDS include:

  • Directory Search for Users
  • Manage Call Forward, Do Not Disturb, and Speed Dial settings, including Visual & Audible Alert preferences
  • Set Language and Locale
  • Subscribe to IP Phone Service Applications
  • Reset PIN/Password credentials
  • Configure Remote Destinations used with Cisco Mobility & Single Number Reach


Why Use UDS?

Learn what you can do with UDS

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