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getProfileDetailSoap and Extension Mobility

Created by: Jacob Dryer

I am trying to get Extension Mobility to work with the WebDialer. For users with only an EM profile associated to their account the response to getProfileDetailSoap returns a device name of "none". Is there anyway to populate the response with an...

Created: Oct 27 2017

Last modified: Oct 27 2017

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API for making a basic call to CUCM

Created by: cristian.munoz

Hi Guys I´m beginner in this. I trying to make a basic call to CUCM and I need a API for do this. I cant find a example. I´m confuse and I don´t know what kind of API I must to use. Please help me. TIA Cristian

Created: Sep 23 2017

Last modified: Oct 10 2017

Replies: 1

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Web Dialer starts a call on the same line even if it's in use.

Created by: James Provines

Anyone know how of a way to prevent the Web Dialer from starting a call on a line even if it's in use? For example, If I'm currently on a call on line 1 and I use the Web Dialer to start a new call it stacks the new call on line 1. Is there a way for it...

Created: Jul 28 2017

Last modified: Jul 28 2017

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Tags: webdialer

Call transfer using Webdialer SOAP

Created by: manojsurendra

Is it possible to do call transfer using Webdialer SOAP? I could not find the relevant request on the documentation.

Created: Jul 04 2017

Last modified: Jul 04 2017

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Error: Device 1 on CUCM1 calls using webdialer to Device 2 on CUCM2- returns status 612

Created by: Shruti Joshi

We are getting the following error when we make call from CUCM version 10.x and above. Device 1 on CUCM1 calls using web-dialer to Device 2 on CUCM2- returns status 612. When trying to make call from DX650@CUCM1 to SX20@CUCM2 using webdailer API -...

Created: Oct 04 2016

Last modified: Apr 25 2017

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