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YANG Development Kit Model-driven APIs for simplified programmability of your network device

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What is YDK?

We have created the YANG Development Kit (YDK) to facilitate network programmability using data models. YDK can generate APIs in a variety of programming languages using YANG models. These APIs can then be used to simplify the implementation of applications for network automation. YDK has two main components: an API generator (YDK-gen) and a set of generated APIs. Today, YDK-gen takes YANG models as input and produces Python APIs (YDK-Py) that mirror the structure of the models.

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Why YDK?

Any Model

Wide support for YANG data models (open or native)

Any Transport

Support for NETCONF and RESTCONF while extensible to other protocols

Any Language

Support for Python and C++ APIs while extensible to other programming languages


APIs and their generator distributed as open source

A YDK Hello World!

        # import providers, services and models 
        from import CRUDService
        from ydk.providers import NetconfServiceProvider
        from ydk.models.cisco_ios_xr import Cisco_IOS_XR_shellutil_oper \
            as xr_shellutil_oper
        from datetime import timedelta
        if __name__ == "__main__":
            """Main execution path"""
            # create NETCONF session
            provider = NetconfServiceProvider(address="",
            # create CRUD service
            crud = CRUDService()
            # create system time object
            system_time = xr_shellutil_oper.SystemTime()
            # read system time from device
            system_time =, system_time)
            # Print system time
            print("System uptime is " + 
            # close NETCONFIG session and exit

More examples in GitHub