info Nexus Dashboard API Nexus Dashboard simplifies the management and operation of various data center sites by providing a single-pane of glass to view the operation status across all the sites. Although not being published in its initial release, the Nexus Dashboard REST API along with the corresponding documentation will be made available for general user consumption in a future release soon. https://www.youtube.com/embed/GlMxJ38giWw What's New? A Fireside Chat with Cisco and HashiCorp Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder and CTO at HashiCorp discusses modern networking automation with Yousuf Khan, VP of Technical Marketing, Intent Based Networking Group of Cisco.
Managing infrastructure as code Cisco platforms are supported on the industry leading automation, orchestration, and configuration management tools.
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https://www.youtube.com/embed/_-Fe9_0nE6s Convert manual tasks into reusable, robust, distributable code Deconstructing Data Center Network CI/CD Pipelines
by Lionel Hercot
In this technical session from DevNet Day at Cisco Live! 2020, see how to deconstruct a typical CI/CD pipeline that includes the configuration of our favorite Data Center networking solution, Cisco ACI. You can see the power of integrating your network infrastructure into your development pipeline. This presentation explains what a CI/CD pipeline is, what are the components of a standard pipeline, and how you can advance your data center networking automation journey by building your own CI/CD pipeline.
Introduction to data center automation
Cisco's data center APIs enable task and workflow automation and orchestration providing all you need to deploy, maintain, monitor, and manage your Cisco Data Center.
Get certified in data center automation or DevOps! Cisco's certification and training program now includes DevNet certifications and is designed for both the network professionals and software developers to optimize and write applications for the new network.
Data Center Automation Certification DevOps Specialist Certification
Using Ansible for configuration management
Cisco DevNet provides Ansible modules, use-case focused content, and Learning Labs to successfully implement DevOps into your network operations.
ACI & Ansible
Learn how to build playbooks to fully manage ACI configurations with Ansible.
Intro to ACI and Ansible Learning Module
Ansible sample code
View all Cisco and Ansible sample code in Code Exchange.
Ansible in Code Exchange
MSO & Ansible
Learn Multi Site Orchestration through Ansible playbooks.
Introduction to Ansible and Cisco MSO Learning Module
Using Terraform for orchestration
Use the Cisco ACI Terraform Provider to interact with resources managed by Cisco APIC. Use the MSO Terraform Provider as a plugin to manage the MSO Fabric Constructs.
Multi-Site Orchestrator (MSO) & Terraform
Learn how to leverage the MSO APIs to ensure policy consistency across a multi-site ACI deployment.
Introduction to Terraform and Cisco MSO Learning Module
ACI & Terraform
Declarative end-state automation for your ACI fabrics
Intro to ACI and Terraform Learning Module
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Discover network automation use cases Automate network configuration, hybrid cloud deployments, and commonly repeated tasks. Manage applications consistently across different domains. Discover multi-domain network automation use cases and sample code in Automation Exchange.
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