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Introducing the Cisco ACI App Center

Cisco ACI App Center

A platform for data center innovation! Extend your reach by developing SDN apps on Cisco's open, extensible and programmable ACI network.

We have all of the documents you need to get started with your own ACI app here. The App Center will provide an automated process to allow you to register yourself, upload your application for approval and digital signing, and to distribute the approved apps.

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Learn how to code with ACI

Featured Learning Track

Data Center Programmability

Use this learning track to create and link network elements in ACI. You will learn the different APIC interfaces, create API requests, write simple Python scripts, and work with the Cobra SDK, Arya development tool, and ACI toolkit.

SDN, Data Center
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Find sample code and scripts


ACI Toolkit (Python)

by Cisco

Set of python libraries that allow basic configuration of the Cisco APIC


Puppet for ACI

by Cisco

Enables configuration of the Cisco ACI fabric via the Puppet configuration management system


Ansible (ACI)

by Jason Edelman

Native ansible module for ACI with direct object manipulation support


Postman Library for APIC

by Ryan Tischer

Collection of APIC configurations to run within Google Postman. You must login via the one of the login commands BEFORE running any other commands...


Simple ACI UI Log Server

by Cisco

Basic APIC UI interaction logging endpoint is a Simple HTTP/HTTPS server that accepts POSTs from the APIC UI as a remote API Inspector.


Configuration Python

by Cisco

These scripts allow the APIC configuration to be done in a local terminal and thus provide a convenient and fast way for users to do APIC configuration.

Application Centric Infrastructure Sandbox

Check out the always-on ACI Simulator Sandbox. Use it to learn ACI features and make ACI API calls in a simulated ACI environment at any time or day.

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