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Archive Library

The Archive Library contains documents and information that are not applicable to the current developer and product development efforts.
These documents are available to help you maintain and update older code bases.

Enterprise IoT

Converts USB into Power over Ethernet (PoE) allowing remote USB 2.0 sensors, actuators and devices to quickly and easily connect onto a network.


Flare allows users with mobile devices to discover and interact with things in an environment. It combines multiple location technologies with a real-time communications architecture, to enable new kinds of user interactions.


A Cisco IOS-based energy management protocol for monitoring, controlling, and reporting the energy use of information technology (IT) and facilities equipment, such as smart power distribution units, building systems, computers, routers, switches, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices (for example, access points, IP security cameras, and door-access equipment).

Service Ready Engine Virtualization

Cisco's version 2.0 of the Cisco® Services Ready Engine Virtualization (SRE-V) software for the Cisco Unified Computing System™ Express (Cisco UCS™ Express) provides full functional parity with VMware vSphere Hypervisor™ 5.0 and 5.1. SRE-V allows supported operating systems and their corresponding applications to be easily installed onto the service module

Intercloud Fabric

With the Intercloud Fabric you can build secure and flexible hybrid clouds that connect your data center with public cloud centers.

Application eXtension Platform (AXP)

Server virtualization with APIs for network event detection, configuring and controlling network devices.

Cisco Enabled Grid Devices

Cisco is working with selected smart grid end-point vendors to enable their devices with Cisco's open standards based, secure, and scalable networking technology.

Compatible Extensions

The Cisco CCX program provides a path to get your wireless device certified as "Cisco Compatible". Once your device has been certified, you will be able to use select trademarks to communicate to your customers that your device is certified as being interoperable with Cisco mobility networking.

Field Area Networks

Field Area Networks

Guest User Services API

Administrators can integrate the Cisco Guest Access solution comprised of the Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC) the Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS), and/or the Cisco Prime Network Control System (NCS) with 3rd party guest access provisioning or reporting solutions via an open API.

Intelligent Automation for Cloud

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud enables highly secure, on-demand, and automated IT operations for cloud computing, with policy-based controls for provisioning virtual and physical resources.

Interactive Experience Platform

Cisco Interactive Experience Platform (IEP) is an industry leading digital media and collaboration platform that brings together device management and thin client end points to enable digital signage, interactive applications, and video collaboration on a common platform.

Java MIDlet API

Java MIDlet applications on Cisco IP phones allow more sophisticated application capabilities such as animated graphics, custom user interface objects, advanced network connectivity, and persistent local storage.

Media Services Interface Management

Media Services Interface (MSI) is a software component that is embedded in video endpoints and collaboration applications. The MSI software developer's kit provides a set of APIs enabling applications to use medianet network services like autoconfiguration and media monitoring.

Media Services Proxy

Media Services Proxy uses lightweight packet inspection techniques on standards-based signaling protocols. Media Services Proxy produces flow metadata attributes that can be shared among network nodes. MSP uses a variety of standard signaling protocols (SDP, SIP, H.323, H.245, RTSP, mDNS, etc.) to learn about the characteristics of endpoints and applications from legacy systems and 3rd party endpoints, allowing sharing of flow attributes amongst network nodes.


A medianet is an end-to-end architecture for a network comprising advanced, intelligent technologies and devices in a platform optimized for the delivery of rich-media experiences.

Universal Power Over Ethernet

Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE), is the latest innovation from Cisco that extends IEEE PoE+ standard by doubling the power per port to 60W over a single standard Ethernet Cable.

Videoscape Open UX

Cisco Open UX Foundation Developer Kit helps service providers develop web-applications that run alongside Cisco EPG applications on the Videoscape Unity STB. This significantly helps shorten the development and testing cycle of new and customization of existing consumer facing Web-Applications.

Videoscape Voyager Vantage

The Videoscape Voyager Vantage SDK provides you with everything you need to develop web services applications and themes for use in Cisco's Vantage UI for cable set-top boxes, leveraging standard web services APIs and TVDom and TVlib (Cisco's Javascript extensions for TV functionality).


An open source end to end solution for microservices infrastructure, built through community led integration of open source components.

Connected Streaming Analytics (CSA)

Cisco® Connected Streaming Analytics (CSA) is an analytics platform that delivers predictive, actionable insights from high-velocity streams of live data from multiple sources, enabling real-time governance and immediate actions. It applies to use cases across a wide range of industries and business applications and adapts to customer environments.

Project Shipped

Build Hybrid cloud apps on a massively scalable open source platform with Cisco Cloud.