UC Manager IM & Presence Developer Guide

Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM & Presence supports XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol ), SIP/SIMPLE (SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions ), Bidirectional Streams over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) interface, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface or a REST (XML/HTTP) interfaces. These interfaces are used for the development of presence applications to external clients or other applications.

This document is intended for developers who write applications that extend the functionality of the web services and interfaces that are described in this document.

Please ensure that you refer to the version of the Developer Guide which is applicable to the release of Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM & Presence that you are developing against.

For source code examples and guidelines on the using the Presence Web Service and Client Configuration Web Service, please refer to the Developer Cookbook and Reference Application, both of which can be found here