CAXL Browser Compatibility

The following matrix illustrates the various combinations of web browser and operating system which the latest version of CAXL is known to function with. This is not an exhausted matix but merely lists those combinations which have been officially tested and which are officially supported.

CAXL Browser Compatibility


Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a standard that allows requests made by a web page from one origin (host + port) to make requests to other origins. Support for the CORS standard is implemented by a number of browsers and by Cisco Unified Presence. Using CORS, CAXL based clients as of CAXL 8.5.1, connecting to Cisco Unified Presence 8.5.1 or later, using one of the supported browsers, can do so without the need for a HTTP Proxy.

Note! There are some limitations to be considered if using HTTPS as the protocol to connect to Cisco Unified Presence server.

Please refer to the "CAXL Cisco Unified Presence Integration Guide" and "CAXL Deployment Guide" which are packaged with the SDK, for more information on CORS Support and limitations.

The following matrix illustrates the level of CORS support which each of the CAXL supported browser exhibits.

Note! Internet Explorer 7 does not support CORS in any form.

CAXL CORS Compatibility

CAXL & Cisco Unified Presence Compatibility

The following matrix illustrates the versions of CAXL and Cisco Unified Presence which are supported to interoperate with one another.

In general, a particular version of CAXL will support N+3 versions of CUP, where a version of CUP is considered to be a release of CUP which has an accompaning release of CAXL.

CAXL & Cisco Unified Presence Compatibility

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