WebDialer UI

What is WebDialer?

WebDialer is a built-in feature of CUCM that allows users to make click-to-dial (C2D) calls from applications, for example from a corporate directory web page or as a part of a custom desktop application.

WebDialer can make calls using either an end-user's credentials, or with an application-user's credentials on-behalf-of an end-user. The call is launched directly from the end-user's phone.

Any phones supported by CUCM CTI (TAPI or JTAPI) can be used with WebDialer, see the CTI Supported Device Matrix

WebDialer API Interfaces

There are two interfaces available for developing WebDialer integrations:

  • SOAP - This API uses SOAP over HTTPS to send XML formatted requests to CUCM.

    • Best for programmatic click-to-dial functionality; full control over the user experience.

    • Can be used with any programming language/framework capable of sending XML over HTTP.

    • For building desktop/mobile/service applications.

  • HTML - URL-based, this interface is designed to enable embedding simple HTML/JavaScript into existing web applications to provide WebDialer click-to-dial functionality.

    • Use-case: easily embed C2D into web pages without writing code.

    • Provides a basic interactive user interface for users to log in, select their desired/preferred calling device/line and launch/terminate a call.

    • Limited functionality; UI is not customizable.