Cisco SDKs for iOS Developers

Integrate your iOS apps with Cisco services

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Mobile Apps Optimized for Business

New features in iOS 10, combined with the latest Cisco Aironet and Cisco Meraki software and hardware, make it easy to optimize Wi-Fi connectivity, with intelligent client roaming, reduced network load, and lower battery use. Now you can let the network (not IT) do the work of prioritizing business-critical apps over Cisco enterprise wireless networks via simple and automated network configuration.

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Cisco Spark iOS SDK

Cisco Spark for Developers puts team collaboration capabilities in the hands of developers around the world. An upcoming SDK for iOS will enable developers to use Cisco Spark services within their popular mobile apps. Help us make it great by requesting access to our beta, and learn to use the Spark APIs.

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Mobile Apps for Meraki Bluetooth Beacons

Cisco Meraki WiFi access points have a built-in BLE beacon advertising developers are using in iOS apps. You can enable and configure the beacon right from your Cloud-hosted dashboard. Hundreds of iOS apps have integrated with Cisco Meraki bluetooth beacon technology. To make beacon app even easier, Meraki has published open source iOS apps to demonstrate beacon ranging and proximity, lock screen notifications, beacon based advertising, and Jabber integration.

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Tropo APIs

Use Tropo APIs to build voice and text-based applications that work great within iOS apps, such as click-to-call and two-factor authentication.

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Jabber Guest SDK

Enables organizations using Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Expressway to connect with remote visitors (guests) through using instant-on, real-time voice and video.

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Cisco Instant Connect SDK

A multi-sector push-to-talk (PTT) communication product that uses Cisco Wireless IP Phones and iOS devices for instant group and private audio connectivity and collaboration.

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The Cisco Mobility eXperience (CMX) is a suite of mobile software solutions that detect, connect, and engage with iOS devices operating in a Wi-Fi field. Your iOS app will be able to show the user’s location, display maps, point to associated points of interest, and make route suggestions for the user.

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RE Mobile SDK

Cisco Remote Expert Mobile enables real-time customer engagement within iOS mobile apps by providing easy-to-use SDKs for voice over IP, video over IP and expert assist features (app share co-browse, remote control, annotation, form-fill and document push).

Use cases include:

  • Connect a home investor with a financial advisor by embedding high-quality voice & video within a mobile trading application
  • Connect a field employee with an iOS app to internal help desk experts who can view the problem, co-browse for solutions, and push repair manual documentation
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Open H.264 SDK

A codec library which supports H.264 encoding and decoding. It is suitable for use in real time applications such as WebRTC.

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