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Data Center Dev Center

Puppet Razor Integration with UCS Manager
Automate bare metal provisioning of UCS systems with Razor

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Data Center APIs & Tools

Name Protocol/Format SDK Status Sandbox
Data Center Network Manager

DCNM API for Nexus programmable fabrics. Deploy very large scale fabrics with easily automatable capabilities that include virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN) visibility on Cisco Nexus LAN fabrics.

Released N/A
Dynamic Fabric Automation

Manages data center fabric deployment, automates workload and network services,optimizes application forwarding.

REST Released N/A
UCS Director

Manage the Data Center from a Web UI

REST Java Released N/A
UCS Manager - Python SDK

Supports every Managed Object exposed by UCS Manager

XML Python Released N/A
UCS Manager - Powershell

UCS PowerTool Suite Powershell modules

XML Released N/A
Integrated Management Controller - Python SDK

Supports Integraged Management Controller (IMC) for Standalone C-Series servers

XML Python Released N/A
Open NX-OS (Nexus 9000)

Open NX-OS on the Cisco Nexus platform, is a rich software suite built on a Linux foundation that exposes APIs, data models, and programmatic constructs. Using APIs and configuration agents, operators can affect configuration changes in a more programmatic way.

REST/JSON Released N/A
Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

The ACI API is a programmatic interface to the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC).

REST Python Released N/A

Unified APIs provide a common interface for Unified and Hyper-Converged UCS deployments. Combine with UCS Director and Cloud Center APIs for complete programmatic access for infrastructure, devops and applications developers.