Data Center Dev Center Network, Compute, Storage. One system or tens of thousands. Cisco's Data Center APIs enable task and workflow automation and orchestration providing all you need to deploy, maintain, monitor, and manage your Cisco Data Center. Everything needed to get started or go to the next level is here, start automating now! Getting started Learn ACI Learn NX-OS Learn UCS I'm looking for information about... Compute and Networking APIs Day 0 Provisioning Automating with Python Cloud technologies Tools and management technologies Getting Started Here you’ll find resources whether you are new to data centers or new to development. Learn ACI Learn the different APIC interfaces to create and link network elements, learn how to use the SDK, toolkit and more. Learn more Learn NX-OS Explore the different NX-API interfaces, application hosting options, model driven programmability standards and more. Learn more Learn UCS Learn how to connect, query, configure, maintain and monitor your UCS Compute infrastructure Learn more Compute and Networking APIs Compute and Networking APIs enable programmatic capabilities for the core of the Data Center. These APIs enable automation from the smallest stand-alone system to the largest multi-component Cisco Network and Compute products. Explore the ACI APIs The Cisco ACI programmability model allows complete programmatic access to the application centric infrastructure in the data center. With this access, developers can integrate network deployment into management and monitoring tools and deploy new workloads programmatically. Learn more Explore the NX-OS APIs Cisco NX-OS is a data center-class operating system running on the Cisco Nexus Family of hardware-based network switches. Based on the NETCONF industry standard, the Cisco NX-OS XML interface provides a consistent API for devices, enabling rapid development and creation of tools to enhance the network. Learn more Explore the UCS APIs Get all the information you need for UCS and UCS Director APIs. From the high-level RESTful APIs, Ansible modules, Python, and PowerShell libraries to the low-level XML APIs and all the stuff in-between. Learn more Day 0 Provisioning Go from Racked and Stacked to fully operational at the click of a button or even better trigger provisioning at the discovery of a device. Day 0 provisioning allows for automatic, consistent and repeatable provisioning operations in the Data Center Automatically install OS within UCS Until recently, mapping and using external media within UCS was a manual process. With the release of UCS Manager version 2.2(2c) and above, the new “vMedia” features allow for programmatic mapping/unmapping of external image files. Explore now PowerOn Auto Provisioning (POAP) on NX-OS POAP automates the process of upgrading software images and installing configuration files on devices that are being deployed in the network for the first time. Explore now Automating with Python Use Python to automate the Data Center. Python SDKs are available for ACI, Nexus and UCS. Check out the options here to use Python for your Data Center Automation Python Network Automation Develop with Python and Cisco Networking Explore now UCS Python SDK A python module which provides automation capabilities for all aspects of Cisco UCS including compute, network, storage and hypervisor management. Explore now APIC Python SDK Check out the Cisco APIC Python SDK Documentation to download and install the SDK, get started with the API, and discover examples and tools for API development Explore now Nexus Python SDK Develop programs for the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switches operating in Cisco NX-OS Software mode Explore now
Cloud technologies Cloud technologies does not mean the Data Center is not involved. Connect the Data Center to the Cloud or bring the Cloud to the Data Center with these technologies. Learn more Intersight Cisco Intersight connects applications running across data centers, edge, and public clouds, providing IT a single control point. Learn more Contiv Contiv enables unified networking of containers, VMs, and bare metal, providing efficient networking for containers within VM and bare-metal networks. Learn more Google Combine the power of cloud developer resources and enterprise apps. Explore the technologies for developing and deploying modern apps in a hybrid world. Learn more OpenStack OpenStack sits at the heart of Cisco data center solutions, combining ACI, UCS, and Nexus within an integrated OpenStack cloud platform. Learn more CloudCenter Want to Deliver self-service on demand, in the data center or a public cloud, with security and governance? Want to automate DevOps and more? Start here. Learn more
Tools and management technologies Infrastructure as Code Cisco helps you embrace DevOps, APIs, and Automation to manage networks efficiently, control risk, and optimize for growth and innovation. Learn now Python Automation Test Systems pyATS is an end-to-end testing ecosystem, specializing in data-driven and reusable testing, engineered to empower Agile and rapid development iterations. Learn now Data Center Network Manager A management system for the Cisco Programmable Fabric that streamlines the provisioning for the Programmable Fabric and monitors the SAN and LAN components. Learn now UCS Director Workflow Index The UCS Director Workflow Index is a list of hundreds or Cisco Engineer and community contributed solutions to common and not so common Data Center automation issues. Learn now