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How to list all YANG modules used by the RESTCONF server on IOS-XE/NX-OS/IOS-XR devices

Created by: jean-christophe manciot

The RFC 8040 states that "The server lists each YANG module it supports using the "ietf-yang-library" YANG module defined in [RFC7895]. The server MUST implement the "ietf-yang-library" module,which MUST identify all of the YANG modules used by the...

Created: Sep 08 2017

Last modified: Oct 14 2017

Replies: 8

Tags: yang_model

Cisco 9300 IOS-XE nat configuration

Created by: samek2000

Hi all, I'm trying to configure port forwarding to guestshell on Cisco 9300 IOS-XE. I have read Programmability Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Everest 16.5.1a (Catalyst 9300 Switches) - Guest Shell [Support] - Cis… guide, which suggests...

Created: Sep 25 2017

Last modified: Sep 26 2017

Replies: 1

Tags: 0

YAML - Virtual service definition file - disk section

Created by: Sergey Slepkov

Hello everyone! We develop a service VM, working on ISR4300/4400 as a service container, and we have a problem: If we power off the ISR by button or unplug the cable (hard power off), some files in our VM get corruted and fail the...

Created: Aug 29 2017

Last modified: Aug 31 2017

Replies: 1

Tags: 0

config-upgrade with

Created by: Gabriele Gerbino

Hi all, I'm trying to use the pnp_server from the Download section to perform a configuration upgrade on a Cisco csr1kv device. My policy file looks like this: [PID:CSR1000V,VID:V00,SN:9KXI0D7TVFI] 001:config-upgrade {...

Created: Feb 10 2017

Last modified: Apr 07 2017

Replies: 2

Tags: 0

Where are the Cisco YANG models?

Created by: jafrazie

On GitHub of course. Go here. You can drill down into each OS, or explore the open-models as well.

Created: Feb 28 2017

Last modified: Feb 28 2017

Replies: 0

Tags: 0