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Explore Cisco Integrations for Splunk

Dozens of free, out-of-the-box integrations provide ready-to-use apps and add-ons


Cisco CloudLock for Splunk

The CloudLock Cloud Access Security Broker harnesses crowd-sourced, actionable cybersecurity intelligence to enable enterprises to securely leverage the cloud.


Cisco Spark App for Splunk

Allows Splunk to trigger a Cisco Spark collaboration space, assign the relevant agents to a Spark room, and post critical information from the alert.


Cisco Security Suite App

Provides a single pane of glass interface across Cisco security platforms. Supports Cisco ASA, Cisco IPS, Cisco WSA, Cisco ESA, Cisco ISE/pxGrid, Cisco FireSIGHT and more.

Data Center

Cisco ACI App for Splunk

Uses Cisco’s open API framework to collect APIC events, health scores and inventory data to deliver centralized, real-time visibility for ACI infrastructures across bare metal and virtualized environments.


Cisco Nexus 9k App for Splunk Enterprise

Gathers data from Nexus 9k enabling you to gain visibility into your entire Nexus deployment, track inventory and performance data.

Data Center

Splunk Add-on for Cisco UCS

Collects UCS fault, inventory, and performance data using the UCS API and includes a variety of prebuilt dashboard panels.

Learn how to integrate with Splunk


Splunk overview

Splunk software enables you to search, monitor and analyze machine data from virtually any source and location in real-time plus set thresholds to proactively signal potential issues and even launch applications or custom actions.


Developer resources

Extend Splunk with custom search commands, scripted lookups, search macros, modular inputs and data models or build real-time big data applications using the languages and frameworks you know and love.


Learn Cisco technologies & programming skills

Learn Cisco technologies & programming skills

DevNet Express for Digital Network Architecture

Learn about the building blocks of the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), including an introduction to REST APIs, how to code in Python, and how to use programmability in the context of interfaces.

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Cloud Native Applications

Cloud Native applications are built to run on cloud platforms, typically using a microservices architecture. You will be introduced to Cisco Shipped and Mantl.

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Data Center Programmability

Learn the APIC interfaces, create API requests, write simple Python scripts, and work with the Cobra SDK, Arya development tool, and ACI toolkit to create and link network elements.

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Coding 101: REST API Basics

Learn what an API is and how it works. Then, use Postman to make REST API calls using the APIC-EM APIs. APIC-EM is an SDN controller for policy based automation of the network infrastructure.

Explore Learning Lab

Network Programmability for Network Engineer

Learn about network programmability from the perspective of a Network Engineer. Contains information about programming, REST APIs, as well as new interfaces like RESTCONF.

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Cloud Collaboration

Learn about the development capabilities in the Cisco Cloud Collaboration using Cisco Spark and Tropo APIs to add business messaging and automated phone interactions to applications.

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Explore essential Splunk developer resources

Splunk Add-on Builder

Quickly configure data inputs, create alert actions, perform field extractions and more plus validate your add-on against Splunk best practices.

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Splunk Web Framework

Create custom dashboards and Splunk apps with tables, charts, forms searches, and other functionality.

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Leverage Splunk’s fully-documented and supported REST API with over 200 endpoints.

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Splunk HTTP Event Collector

Provides a way for developers to send application logging and metrics directly to Splunk Enterprise via HTTP in a highly efficient and secure manner.

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Dig into these virtual environments to start integrating with Splunk

Cisco Nexus 9000: NX-OS Programmability v1

Briefly covers the wide spectrum of possibilities to interact with the networking management and automation via its NX-API interfaces as well as it brand new bash and python environment.

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Splunk Enterprise 6.2 with Cisco Security Suite

Visibility across Cisco-centric security environments using ASA/PIX/FWSM firewalls, Identity Services Engine (ISE), pxGrid, FirePOWER IDS, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Web Security Appliance (WSA) and Email Security Applicance (ESA).

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