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   New to User Data Service?  Check out the Sample AppsFollow these simple steps to Get Started with UDS.


1. Register

Register to get a Cisco ID and Log-in to access the downloads and tools


2. What is UDS

Find out what you can build with UDS.


3. Get Started

Sample Apps and How to Articles to help you get started.


4. Visit the Forums

Find other developers who are working with PAWS.

Check out the Forums

Developer Resources

UDS Developer Documentation

Developers Guide

The UDS developer guide contains all the information that you need to get started with UDS including configuration and troubleshooting information.

API Reference Documentation

  API References  

The UDS API reference contains example request and response XML for all of the API methods.

Sample Apps

    Sample Apps    

New sample app coming soon.



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    Welcome to the UDS interface resource center. We’ve provided everything needed to learn What, Why, and How UDS enables new ...