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Collaboration APIs & Tools

Name Protocol/Format SDK Status Sandbox
Context Service

Cloud-based storage for customer journey data, enabling delivery of an omni-channel customer service experience.

Library Java Released N/A
Jabber Guest SDK

Registration-free access to Jabber features via web applications.

JavaScript Released
UC Accessory Manager

Write plugins that expand the capabilities of Jabber.

C++ Released
Exchange CTX

Service creation platform that enables telephony providers to offer Cisco TelePresence services to their business customers.

XML Released N/A

Provides recording, playback, live streaming, and storage of media, including audio and video for capturing, preserving, and mining conversations.

JSON Released

Helps providing cloud based solutions for Cisco Unified, Contact Center, and Unity Connection services.

XML Released N/A

Make calls from web page or application.

XML Released

Send requests for agent and call control.

XML Released N/A
CTI Protocol (GED-188) [CTI Server Protocol]

Provides Session and Application Management. It is a socket level interface for integrating CTI Applications to Cisco Unified ICM and Contact Center Enterprise/Host.

TCP/IP Released N/A
Express Scripting [Cisco CCXS]

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express routing supports a wide range of routing logic that can accurately target and selectively route different classes of contacts - or even single out individual contacts for customized, prioritized routing treatment.

Released N/A
Express CTI [Unified CCX CTI Protocol]

The Cisco Contact Center Express Computer Telephony Integration Protocol (UCCXCTI) provides for Cisco partners to develop custom 3rd party agent and supervisor softphone applications similar to what is provided by the Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD).

TCP/IP Released N/A
Enterprise Application Gateway (GED-145)

The ICM/IPCC Application Gateway is a mechanism for interfacing the Call Router to an arbitrary customer application. The call router, under control of the routing script, will be able to make queries of a host, and base subsequent routing decisions on the results obtained.

TCP/IP Released N/A
IVR PG Protocol (GED-125)

Provides for IVR (VRU) applications/systems to communicate with the ICM and Contact Center Enterprise/Hosted system to provide VRU status and data to ICM, make ICM requests, or handle ICM instructions.

TCP/IP Released N/A
UC Express Services Interface

Computer-telephony integrated call control and monitoring with CUCM Express.

Java Released N/A
Remote Expert Mobile (REM)

Enables real-time customer engagement within mobile and web applications by providing easy-to-use SDKs for voice over IP, video over IP and expert assist features (app share/web co-browse, remote control, annotation, form-fill and document push) within pre-existing mobile and web applications.

Library JavaScript Released

Connect your code to the phone network with both voice and messaging

REST Ruby Released N/A
WebEx Conferencing

Service for providing video, audio, and content sharing for meeting, presentations, and collaboration.

XML Released

Integrate Spark room and messaging capabilities into your solution

REST JavaScript Released N/A
AV Integrator

Combing the use of HTML API technologies and audio video hardware to deliver a comprehensive yet sophisticated telepresence experience (over Webex etc.).

HTML Released N/A
DX Series

Android-based Cisco Phones

Java Released
Extension Mobility API (EMAPI)

Manage multiple users for a given phone

REST/XML Released
IP Phone Services

Control and customize phones through Web services.

REST/XML Released
Customer Voice Portal

Customer Voice Portal provides the capability for customers and partners to create their own custom Plug-ins and Elements for use within the Unified Call Studio, VXML Server, and Call Services Universal Edition products.

Released N/A
Unity Connection

Enables service providers to offer an enhanced unified communications service, in which a subscriber uses the same number for both voice and fax messages.

XML Released
User Data Services

REST-based set of operations that provide authenticated access to user resources and entities such as user's devices, subscribed services, speed dials, and much more from the Unified Communication configuration database.

XML Released N/A
UC Manager Serviceability

Collection of services and tools designed to monitor, diagnose, and address issues specific to Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

XML Released

Allows applications to initiate and monitor upgrades.

XML Released N/A

Administrative XML allows you to manage Call Manager with a Soap API.

XML Released
Jabber SDK for Web

Write web applications that access Jabber features.

JavaScript Released
Voice Gateway API

IVR for call processing

TCL Released N/A
UC Manager SIP

Initiates multimedia communication over IP.

UC Gateway Services

Voice signaling and media for Cisco TDM Gateway and CUBE.

XML Released N/A

Computer-telephony integrated call control, recording, and monitoring with CUCM.

C++ Released

Computer-telephony integrated call control, recording, and monitoring with CUCM.

Java Released

Permit, deny, or redirect calls

REST/XML Released
Unified Presence (CUP)/IM & Presence

Integrate instant messaging, availability and roster management services.

SOAP Released

Cisco SocialMiner is a social media customer care solution. It can search/capture customer postings on the social web, filter them for relevance, and assign them to queues that are serviced by social media customer care professionals. Cisco SocialMiner will track posts and responses as well as provide metrics on the actions associated with this work.

REST/XML Released N/A
Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE)

Provides rich contact center functionality – call processing, prompts and rich VXML scripting, voice response collection, agent selection, queuing and reporting on a single server deployment.

REST/XML Released

Cisco Finesse is an agent and supervisor desktop, designed to provide a collaborative experience for the various communities that interact with the customer service organization. Finesse allows developers to create their own OpenSocial Gadgets that are deployed inside of the Cisco Finesse OpenSocial Gadget Container. And it alos provides a Finesse API to be used inside of any thick or thin client application.

REST/XML Released N/A