Open NX-OS software suite and configuration use cases

Explore the capabilities of Open NX-OS software suite and leverage Linux tools for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting a network device.

Open NX-OS Programmability

Open NX-OS on the Cisco Nexus platform is a rich software suite built on a Linux foundation that exposes APIs, data models, and programmatic constructs. Using Application Programmatic Interfaces (APIs) and configuration agents, operators can affect configuration changes in a more programmatic way. Cisco provides various tools and frameworks to enable developers to automate and program Nexus devices, including - NX-API REST brings Model Driven Programmability (MDP) to standalone, Python, Puppet, Chef, Ansible etc.

This section provides basic Open NX-OS configuration use cases, such as - interface config, VLAN config & management, OSPF config etc. Examples are written in most widely used config tools/programmatic interfaces - Puppet, NX-API and Python.

In addition to code snippets on the right, we are happy to provide users with access to Cisco's DevNet Sandbox lab resources. Instructions on accessing DevNet Sandbox Labs and instructions to run the script are provided below.